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    Currently, there are only 40 days of worth in-game content. This is a re-released hot-fixed version. ALSO there was a huge file corruption on my old computer and the file I recovered concluded up having a bunch of graphical errors, I haven't found them all but am working to fix them. For example the cabin door number's having an extra 1 below them sometimes. Things like that are at the result of that corruption. So I'm still fixing things from it. This new version adds a bunch of new content. Of course the game is still in highly early development so... Sate mention bugs below. There are a lot so all the help is great! I normally fix bugs pretty within a couple days of reporting on here so yeah! I understand the game has bugs and balancing problems. They will be fixed when I have free time. (I am terrible at English but a lot of effort was put in. I am from Thailand.). If you want to support the game, sate consider donating to my Patreon. I would love to have your help. I am actually going through some medical problems at the moment but I will work as rock-hard as I can. The farm is unavailable for the moment to the public, Patrons are beta testing it for me first.
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