College Secrets

    This game"School Secrets" is pure interactive manga porn genre representative - all you have to do here is to enjoy animations and click on the button which will arrive on the screen to get to the next scenes. No puzzles, no arcades and no even some dating simulations - right form the embark main hero of the story will be teasing and fucking his girlfriend. But if this somthing that you wished right at the moment then you gonna enjoy this anime porn game for sure. Just don't expect very quick fuck-fest scene since our dude is truly into the art of foreplay and who knows - can be some tricks from it you can try to use in real life with your actual girlfriend because as we all know games could be educational sometimes... and yes, even the games of manga porn genre too!
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Scanty Sakura: vol.4

There are two thinsg you will need to learn about thsi game before you will decide to play it or not. First it will take some time to uplaod due to use of 3D CG graphics an donce it will eventually get uploded you will see that this game is created entirley in japanese language. If you don't know the language then you still can play it since most of the time you are going to enjoy cg drawn manga porn scenes anyways and the controls are very ordinary (click on the arrow button to get to the next scenes and use additional options that will be available in certain scenes). Overall this is going to be the story about some big and strong dude fucking lovely looking asian chick in many different ways and positions which afterward will trun into gang-bang party with some friends of his.

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Eva Hadley

The total titl eo fthi shentai parody is"Eva Hadley and her well bred Charizard" so you very likely already know what it is going to be about so you can't watsing your time on reading the description and begin to enjoy this very particular pokemon training session. As for the story there will be non - right from the commence you will see that Charizard has a boner and that his trainer is ready to take care of it to bring him back into good shape before the tournament. But is she likely to do that using he rpussy or her caboose? And does she have to do that swift, slow and how deep? Well, all these question are really for the player (which menas for you!) - make your choices and enjoy the animated anime porn scene while the pelasure pub will be cramming up! And ofocur edon't when it will reach the utmost point miss the epic finale!

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Fuck-a-thon Moon

Sex is magic by itself but if you'll add some mystical obliges and even vampires to it then you will get awesome anime porn game which can be easily compared with such teenage classics as"The Twilight Saga"! This game will combine few genres such as dating game, visual novel and quest so if you like various but still story oriented gameplay then you certainly should not miss this one. The story will begin with you finding out that your in-game girlfriend is really a vampire! So when next time she will want to suck something you finer should be on what answers you will choose very accurate. Besides individual attention you will also need to keep your arm on mouse controller for those scene so fteh game when interactions with surrroundings is needed. A for the story we won't spoil it for you so you will play through it by yourself.

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iFuck Part 2

Puzzle game"iFuck" is back with second edition and 14 new levels. So if you still haven't decide what you like longer - anime porn with big-chested anime dolls or erotic with real models - you will find both of them here! Each level of this game is a puzzle wher eyou will need to assmble picture from these lumps. And not simply a picture but animated scene from erotic movie! Some lumps will be turned upside dow and therefore don't forget to click on them to rotate. Once you will set the lump in its proper place it will become inactive so you could focuse on the other lumps. Once you will fix the puzzle you will get your reward - for each round you will acquire anime porn picture! And in case if you are still having this question in your mind - no, you don't need an iPhone to enjoy this game.

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