VIP Medical center Service

    Hero of the game will awaken in hospital. The way he get here? How briefly he'll have the ability to leave this spot? Perhaps he'd spending all his time considering those concerns... or he could consider the nurse that's taking good care of him forget about all of the issues except for you - the way he could create this chesty cutie to split the couch ? In fact you won't need to make any extra motions just ensue the narrative and briefly she won't just flash you her melons and also make them to cause you to perceive nicer but do a few other super-naughty things that physicians truly shouldn't be doing their patients... unless they're sexy promiscuous nurses out of manga porn games together using the phrases"vip" and"support" from the name. In curing her individual, Just how far she'll go? Watch yourself!
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  • Added: 2018-05-01
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