H.A.L.C Fuck-hole - New Yr

    New edition of Virtuak Artbook is here and thsi time it is going Xmas themed! So get ready to see hot anime nymphs clothed as big-titted Santa's helpers and some other titillating characters! But since this is still agame there must be soem challenge in it, right? And it is going to be the challenge not for your skills but for your luck this time since you are going to play slot machine if you wish to see more hot pictures! Make your bet, spin the wheel and wait for the prizes that will allow you to unlock one or more images in this book. This sort of task is not truly hard and images here are bery sexy so you will have sone funtime for sure! Or you could check our website for other xmas-themed anime porn games in other genres should you would like at any time. Enjoy!
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  • Added: 2018-06-04

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