The Olsen Twins Turn Legal

    This anime porn game is a clear parody on world famous Olsen Twins. To be more specific thsi game is aprdoy on their portion of life once they got legal in age. But hardly you can call this parody a game - it is animated videoclip with sexully oriented lyrics and graphics. Even though it won't be any true fuck-fest scenes you will see that these twin gals can't wait for it and they have quite a lot of plans on what to do after they ultimately has turned legal years old. Furthermore, you will understand a good deal of other celebrities but all of them will likely be males because no matte rhow much you desired it these ladies are into guys. And carrots. But mostly into guys. From this day. Did not get it? Then you most likely hasn't watched the vid yet because after you will see it you will understand it.
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  • Added: 2018-06-15

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