High Tail Hall 2

    In this game you'll be visiting with unique night bar - night bar for furries! Explor rooms also locate charcatre sthere that is distinct. With such chracaters you can not have a nice conversing but also you can attempt to tempt them. Ofcourse all the lovemaking scenes will be taking place in the club's walls. If you will manage to find the guest list you will see that there can be five different hairy charcaatres which you might attempt your chances with but titles form this listing is going to probably be marked will depend on you. And if you're wondering you will explore the club from first-ever person perspecive and so will be made the lovemaking scenes so most likely you can imagine yourself any kind of unshaved character you want to! Take care of these furries in fever until someone else will do that instead of you.
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  • Added: 2018-06-22
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