Street Life

    In this interactive flash game, you will find out what life is on the road of a frequent person can be immensely dangerous. Medication and violence are everywhere. You desired to go to a club to see a striptease. However, you do not have cash. But you are not a timid fellow. You come in a side street and see a dude with a gun and mask. Instantly assessing this circumstance, you grab the pipe in the floor and hit the dude on the head. Congratulations, you can come across a gun and a few cash. Now you comeback to the street and go to the club locker room door. A security guard is on duty at the entrance. You give him a pay of $12, and he lets you into the club. Going inside you will realize that the barmaid. She is totally naked and her fat funbags bring your appearance. You go to the pub and buy whiskey. And the venture starts...
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