Time tramp

    This story is about a female scientist who truly thirsty for real lovemaking. But she is not from our time - she is from the future approximately 500 years! Loosk like men in the future will have some ginormous problems so our main heroine won't have any other choice than to build and use a time machine and begin her quest for best lovemaking across the human history! And ofcourse you are welcomed to join he rin this time venture even though she already has a robot companion with her... This game is made chiefly as well drawn and animated anime porn movie with a lot of humorous and lovemaking scenes. Sometimes you will need to push some buttons to continue the story but nothing too hardcore.And if you will enjoy then don't forget to check our website because this is not the only escapade of Time Tramp!
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  • Added: 2018-07-04

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