Family Reunion 7: Sunday - Mandy's sista

    Looks like crazy week crammed with all sorts of sexual dreames becoming true is about to... which means you have no reason to miss the last scene known as"Sunday - Mandy's Sister". In the last scene you were haelping Mandy with shooting for promo camapaign (if you haven't played it then get it done right now - because it was an erotic photoshooting!). And since you have even managed a sexual photoshooting then it is time for you to go and meet her dad ultimately! After pretty short and easy quest you ultimately get to his place... but it turns out that he is not at home and very likely won't be briefly enough. What to do? To continue the story with Mandy's stepsister who answered your call of course! And looks like it is time to find out whoich one of Jim's stepdaughters is more sexy...
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